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Over the past few years, the popularity of daily fantasy sports has exploded. By making it an everyday thing, daily fantasy sports provide a fix to us fantasy sports junkies who just can't get enough. For starters, daily fantasy sports are unlike your typical fantasy sports leagues. You can't spend a few hours researching a magazine you picked up at the supermarket, luckily draft the next big thing, and ride that player's success to pay-dirt. At the same time, you're not completely screwed if your first pick tears his ACL in the second week of the season. In other words, with daily fantasy sports, your fantasy fate is not determined on draft day. That being said, winning daily fantasy sports can be a TON of work. Because most of us are busy living our extremely important lives, we may not have time to research batterpitcher match-ups, advanced statistics, or even the weather that day. This is where we come in. Whether you want to simply understand the basics or you want advice about who to specifically select each day, we're here to help. Over time, it's our goal to earn you some respect among your fantasy peers. That being said, we can't guarantee you success. And it might not be in your best interest to mimic our picks exactly. Use your best judgment and make sure you have some fun above all. Why We Do It. Despite the rising popularity of daily fantasy sports, few websites are devoted exclusively to the science of mastering them (yes, we consider it a science). In fact, perhaps unaware of how exhilarating daily fantasy sports can be, few of the major sports sites that employ so-called fantasy sports experts adequately cover the field (yes, we consider it a field). Other websites, meanwhile, provide vanilla recommendations with little to no insight. Sure, we appreciate the recommendations of others, but what's their worth with no reasoning behind them (Note: Sometimes we're extremely busy with our real jobs, and our posts will be limited to recommending players and lineups. We're sorry about that in advance.) And worst of all, some sites charge a premium to access their content. If the analysis from those sites is worth so much damn money, why must we pay for it Surely, the individuals behind those sites could simply enjoy abundant success on DraftKings and FanDuel. But instead, they attempt to sell us their allegedly insider analysis. We'll pass. And so should you. Our site covers the bases (pun intended) missed by other daily fantasy sports websites. Our analysis is thorough and our recommendations well-reasoned. But most importantly, MOST of our content is free, ALL the time.
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