Badminton Training

Badminton is a terrific game that is enjoyed by young and old. Its a great way to get and stay in shape and at the same time its fun!This is a collection of more than 400 tuitional videos on all aspects of Badminton - from absolute beginner to serious competitor - there really is something for everyone in this collection.Tutorials includeBadminton Techniques- Forehand doubles long defenseBadminton Technique - Forehand ClearBadminton Technique - Forehand DriveBadminton Technique - Forehand Net LiftBadminton Technique - Forehand SmashBadminton Techniques - Forehand net killBadminton Techniques Backhand clearBadminton Techniques Forehand net shotBadminton Footwork Right Step and Wrong Step part 1Badminton Footwork Right Step and Wrong Step part 2Badminton Footwork What is step oneMovement Training for Start Stop and RecoveryBadminton Footwork Right SideMovement Training to Right SideBadminton Footwork Left SideMovement Training to Left SideBadminton Footwork Right Front Corner Type 1Movement Training to the Right FrontFootwork Skills Front Left CornerBadminton Footwork Front Left CornerMovement Training to Left FrontBadminton Footwork Rear Corners Type 1 BasicBadminton Footwork Left Rear Corner Type 2 AdvancedRear Court Step PracticeBadminton Movement Training Type 1 AdvancedBadminton Movement Training Type 2 AdvancedBadminton Movement Training Type 3 AdvancedBadminton Footwork for Backhand ClearBadminton Smash FootworkBadminton Basic Drills 1 - Net DropBadminton Basic Drills 2 - Cross Net DropBadminton Basic Drills 3 - DriveBadminton Basic Drills 4 - Push and DefenseBadminton Basic Drills 5 - Drop and LiftBadminton Basic Drills 6 - Backhand Drop and LiftBadminton Basic Drills 7 - ClearBadminton Basic Drills 8 - Drop and NetBadminton Basic Drills 9 - Smash and NetBadminton Basic Drills 10 - 2v1 Push and DefenseBadminton Basic Drills 11 - 2v1 Smash and NetBadminton Doubles Advanced Drills Push and DefenseStep 1 in Level DoublesReturn of Low Service in SinglesReturn of High Service in SinglesStay at the net if you attack a low service in doublesPrepare Early Before You Make a ShotWhat shot to use when you are attackingWhere and how to SmashBadminton Training Can you do this 1 Net Play TrainingBadminton Training Can You Do This 2 Finger Power TrainingBadminton Training Can You Do This 3Badminton Training Can You Do This 4 Weight Training with your PartnerBadminton Training Can You Do This 5Badminton Fitness Training-Team RunningBadminton Fitness Training-Court Run 1Badminton Fitness Training-Court Run 2Extreme Badminton Fitness Training Type 1 - Using Weight JacketExtreme Badminton Fitness Training Type 2 - Using Weight JacketExtreme Badminton Fitness Training Type 3 - Using Weight JacketExtreme Badminton Fitness Training Type 4 - Using Weight JacketBadminton Fitness Training Type 1Badminton Fitness Training Type 2Badminton Fitness Training Type 3 Leg ExercisesBadminton Fitness Training Type 4Badminton Fitness Training Type 5Badminton Fitness Training Type 6Badminton Fitness Training Type 7Badminton Fitness Training Type 8Badminton Fitness Training Type 9Badminton Fitness Training 10Badminton Fitness Training Type 11Badminton Fitness Training Type 12Badminton Fitness Training Type 13 Core ExercisesBadminton Proper Racket Grip in BadmintonBadminton Badminton Swing for BeginnersBadminton Basic Footwork for Badminton BeginnersBadminton How to Backhand Swing in BadmintonBadminton Short Serve in BadmintonDrop Shot in Badminton BadmintonThe Basic Stance in Badminton BadmintonHow to Hit an Overhead Drop Shot in Badminton BadmintonBackhand Flick Serve in Badminton BadmintonBadminton Long Serve in BadmintonBadminton How to Hit a High Deep Serve in BadmintonThe Shuttlecock in Badminton BadmintonBadminton The History of BadmintonHow to Hit a Block Shot in BadmintonHow to Hit a Backhand Overhead Clear Shot in Badmintonand many more
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