Talk With Fish

CATCH MORE FISH! This revolutionary app from Dr. Juice is an electronic fish feeding exciter. It includes over 80 distinctive FishCalls that are underwatervibrations, tactile stimulations and sounds to draw fish from over 100 yards away. They energize the fish through their Lateral Lines and Internal Ears. The TalkWithFish Activator entices them to your fishing area and stimulates them to bite your bait. These FishCalls are the actual underwater recorded spawning calls, fish feeding sounds and bait vibrations that attract predator fish in for the kill of the prey or sex with their own species. Fish hear and feel the sounds and vibrations of food creatures before they actually see them. Most of these special, tactile vibrations are below 1000 hz, some are infrasound, actually below human hearing. Whales communicate over hundreds of miles with sound. The FishCall sound waves on this app call fish to your boat, dock, bank fishing or ice fishing area and excite them into a feeding frenzy. Plug an underwater speaker into the earphone output of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Visit to see this app in exciting fish catching action and examine an underwater speaker for sale.Features:$0.99 buys the app and 3 pre-selected FishCalls. The first call is "Crawfish Eaten By Predator Fish", which will bring in large bass,walleye and other "crawfish eaters". The second FishCall is "Herring Farts", to call in salmon, trout, blues and other fish feeding on herring. The third call is "Panfish Eating Beetles", which is the sound of crappies, bluegills, trout and other medium size fish munching and crunching on beetles. Next, you can choose from 4 packages of calls, depending on your targeted species.$0.99 for "Freshwater Pack". These 21 calls are exclusively for freshwater fish.$0.99 for "Saltwater Pack". These 19 calls are exclusively for saltwater fish.$0.99 for "Additional Call Pack". These unique 39 calls will work for either fresh or saltwater fish. (these calls are different than the exclusive salt or freshwater calls)$1.99 for the "Complete Pack". This gets nearly 100 calls.For a list of specific calls in each pack, visit the web site under the store. Choose the calls for your targeted species of fish, location and season. Included is an in-app tutorial and ability to select repeat intervals. The app includes info on when, where and how to use the calls most effectively to catch more fish. A bonus is two unique underwater sounds that can repel zebra mussels from your boat or dock. Visit for more info.List of Game Fish Species: Barracuda, Blue Fish, Bonefish, Carp, Catfish, Common Grunt, Crappie, Dorado, Jacks, Large Mouth Bass, Muskellunge, Nassau Grouper, Northern Pike, Perch, Pompano, Red Fish, Salmon, Seatrout, Shark, Small Mouth Bass, Striper Bass, Sunfish, Trout, Tuna, Walleye, and Zebra Mussel.Fourteen new calls for dolphins and whales to bring them in for observation.A few of the near 100 sounds available:Herring Farts, Fathead Minnow Spawning Call, Darter minnow - male calling female, Goby Minnnow Drumming, Shiner Minnow - aggressive call, Frog Croakers, Longhorn Sculpin Drumming, Bluefish spawning call, Striped Bass - it's own drumming, Shrimp - clicking and snapping, Predators pounding Crabs, Predator Fish slashing Minnows on surface, Crawfish eaten by predator fish and Trout eating flies.New whale and dolphin songs are included
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
File Size 60.24 MB
Version 1.0.11
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.