Golf Yoga for iPhone

Golf Yoga for iPhone app provides yoga poses designed to address all of these specific areas. In addition, it provides three exercise routines a short warm up prior to a game, and a beginner, and advanced conditioning for enhancing your golf fitness. These exercises, if done regularly, are virtually guaranteed to make golf more enjoyable, help you remain injury free, and result in lower golf scores. All poses include a picture, brief directions, and pose benefits. Pose pictures show correct posture and body alignment and pose directions can be scrolled up to fill the screen for easy reading. Scrolling down shows the pose picture again and pictures in each category can be scrolled left or right like a photo album. Each pose is annotated with the category name and its English and Sanskrit names.
File Size7.72 MB
Operating System iPhone OS 2.x iPhone OS 3.x iOS
System RequirementsRequires iPhone OS 2.2.1