The Bible Memory App is the ONLY complete, all-inclusive Bible memory system that equips you to easily MEMORIZE, ORGANIZE, & REVIEW verses on your own, customizable review schedule. You can even memorize & review verses while READING your Bible, all in one app. (*In-app purchase required for the Bible reader.) The Bible Memory App is also the only Bible memory system you can access across all mobile devices & online, at Your progress stays in sync between all of your devices, so you can memorize anytime, anywhere. Even without the Internet! MEMORIZE Bible verses fast by actively engaging 3 separate cognitive areas: kinesthetic (touch), visual, and auditory memory. Kinesthetic: Type the first letter of each word in a verse to quickly memorize it in a proven, 3-step memorization process, Type It--Memorize It--Master It. Visual: Draw Pictures & use Flash Cards (*PRO features). Animated Word Emphasis feature accentuates each word to ingrain it into your memory. Auditory: Record verse audio & playback for hands-free review (*PRO feature). Create & ORGANIZE your personal Verse Library. Import verses from ANY of the following 10+ translations from the Internet: Amplified, ESV, HCSB, KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, NIV84, NLT, The Message, & in Spanish with Reina-Valera 1960. Enter verses manually in ANY version. Choose Bible verses by topic from 57 verse collections in our Verse Library. Create & name your own verse collections with verses you choose yourself. Join one of over 9,000 Bible memory groups to memorize verses together. Start your own Bible memory group. It's easy to invite others via text message, e-mail, Facebook, & Twitter. Never forget another verse with our SMART REVIEW SYSTEM. Our Smart Review System reminds you to review your verses on an automated schedule. You can also customize your review schedule for any verse to review it on your own schedule (*PRO feature). Receive optional emails &/or mobile Review Notifications to review verses at the time of your choice. READ, MEMORIZE, & REVIEW with the Scripture Memory Bible (*In-app purchase): Read the Bible & memorize verses, all in one app. Available in ESV, NIV, NASB, CSB & KJV.
License Free
Version 4.3
Operating System iOS