Muslims 365

Muslims 365 is an initiative for believers across the globe to adapt the lifestyle that trades on punctuality, knowledge and care. It is based on Crowd Source Data Acquisition Strategy, and our revolutionary 365 Artificial Intelligence Engine enables users to: view nearby masjid and worldwide masajid on map or as list through Masjid Locator. View and update Iqama time / Namaz time / Jamaat time for their local masjid. Updating salah time is an opportunity to earn sawab e jaria through enabling others reach masjid right on prayer time. Get alerts for next prayer with mesmerizing athan sounds. Another brilliant module is the Global Tasbih Chain by which users can request Muslims around the world for dua or respond to others' requests. Featuring an interactive bead counter, Global Tasbih includes masnoon tasbihaat. Also you can track your daily dhikr. Includes hadith, duas, stories, medicine and much more. There is a separate section for kids with a collection of interactive videos that teach the basics of Islam and keep them on track Islamic ways. The source for inspiration for Muslim Community happens to be the divine revelation and Muslims 365 features The Holy Quran with multiple languages, translations, transliterations and scripts so you can listen, read, understand and memorize Al-Quran through our ayat by ayat reading feature. Qibla Finder is another productive feature in Muslims 365 and it enables users to: determine the holy Kaaba direction even when in offline mode. The Qibla Locator uses your phone's GPS to provide accurate direction. Muslims 365 also includes live stream for Makkah and Madinah. With our Zakat Calculator module, you can assess the amount of mandatory charity you owe, based on various forms of wealth as in money, property, ornaments and others. We've also going to incorporate the Halal Places Locator through which, Muslims can view a list of restaurants, grocery stores and other places which offer items that are in accordance with Islamic compliance needs.
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License Free
Version 0.0.7
Operating System Android
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