Never Miss Salah is an android application, which is designed for the Muslim audience worldwide. Never Miss Salah is a reminder application which keeps the user informed and alarmed about the Salah timings particularly Fajr. Never Miss Salah offers a touch of fun with interesting user interface and eye catching alarm scheduling structure. Besides there are features that allow the user to customize application as per chosen preferences. Some of the standout features of Never Miss Salah are: 1. Highly Interactive Graphics and Interface 2. Multiple Trigger options to turn off Alarm 3. Muslims can set Alarm time as per Muslim world league (MWL), Islamic society of North America (ISNA), Egypt, Makkah, Karachi, Tehran, and Jafari Prayer time calculation methods to Set the Reminder for Prayer time. 4. Alarm time can be set according to Fiqh 5. With this prayer time app a user can set 6 alerts for Salat reminder where user can opt from 3 different Adhans and 3 unique alarm sounds. Moreover, there are other easy customization options. Download this app for your android devices and Never Miss Salah.
Operating System Android