Prayer Times on your desktop. Know the prayer times, hijri date and Qibla direction. Listen the Azan Serif on your selected prayer times. Calculates prayer times for WorldWide. You can select your location from 7920 available locations or you can input latitude, longitude, time zone information for custom location WorldWide calculation 8 calculation methods The Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey Muslim World League Egyptian General Authority of Survey Umm al-Qura University Islamic Society of North America University of Islamic Sciences Karachi University of Tehran Leva Research Institute Two methods for Asr prayer time calculation: Hanafi (Imam Azam r.a) Asr-? Sani Imameyn and Imam Shafi', Hanbali, Maliki (r.anhum) Asr-? evvel Time left to next prayer time Calculates kerahat times Hijri and Gregorian date. Hijri date adjustment. Hijri date adjustment Ramadan Tametable - imsakiye List of Mubarak Days Time left to Mubarak Days Time adjustments (Tamkin periods) for prayer times Custom Athan (Azan-? Sherif) times 12/24 time format Qibla direction You can add unlimited alarms for prayer times or Mubarek Muslim Days Takes up less space on your desktop by Compact Mode You can change transparency setting. Notify with Al Aqsa mosque skinned mini window on taskbar Prayer Clock Colors of prayer on 24 hours based analog clock. Customize color of prayertimes on PrayerClock clickcing left mouse button Customizable back color Automatic change backcolor with Prayer Clock Turkish and English languages Aid organizations shortcuts by Sadaqah box An internet connection is not required Instalation is not required. One executale file. Adds self to startup with one click on first time many others features.
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