VakitlerPDA is a freeware software which is used as a reminder while following up Islamic Timeframes and Athan (Adthan Times). Azan is played automatically for 5 times a day after you set the time according to your country. By clicking the Diyanet Internet button, you can receive the prayer time over the Internet buy using (Wi-Fi/GPRS). Latitude and longitude information is retrieved automatically from GPS (embedded by Bluetooth or GPS). Diyanet prayer time and direction to the appropriate angle is provided for free without any external connection to the internet. It calculates the manually entered GPS information (latitude and longitude), appropriate prayer time and any angle direction according to the Diyanet for free without any external connection to the internet. (To manually enter the latitude and longitude information, make your own query by address, your address, latitude / longitude information from here). Times are updated with Auto Calc. Option Formula at solstice, calculating the time of daily prayers. When you select Confidential reminder at the end of time, the automatic program will turn off itself, only the prayer time will be open for warning. Without running the program or the time on the background it just gives an alert. (The system uses resources economically). Athan is played in MP3 format, and is read specifically to each pray time by different authorities in athan reading. You can change the existent athan file with your own one and play your own athan.
File Size2.33 MB
Operating System Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 5.x Mobile Windows Mobile 6.x
System RequirementsCompact Framework 2.0