MIDIculous is one of the most amazing music learning tools ever created. Some software has the ability to slow-down audio in order to learn. Some software can display the MIDI on virtual instruments. Others can play video files. But by unlocking the Pro version, MIDIculous has the ability to load virtually any audio, MIDI, and video file to be able to change the pitch and the speed in order to learn any piece of music imaginable. The notes, staff, chords are all displayed using an amazing looking virtual keyboard. So from a video lesson, to a MIDI file, to an audio song, MIDIculous can slow-down, and re-pitch them all in one piece of software!Furthermore, MIDIculous has the ability to play very special LMS and LMV files. LMS stands for Live-MIDI-Sync and LMV stands for Live-MIDI-Video. This is a monolithic file that contains both a MIDI and an audio file in sync. Imagine a teacher being able to sit down at the piano and record an audio and MIDI track. The teacher can send the student the LMS or LMV file and the student can learn from seeing the chords and notes on the virtual keyboard. Every thing is synced up perfectly, no matter if it is audio, video, MIDI or all of them together. Changing the pitch automatically changes the key and pitch of the audio. Slowing down the MIDI automatically changes the BPM/Speed and the video precisely. No other tool has the ability to do all three for maximum learning potential.Amazing Features:- Load MIDI Files (Go Pro IAP)- Slow Down Audio (Go Pro IAP)- Slow Down MIDI (Go Pro IAP)- Beautiful Virtual Keys- Set Root Key- Choose Key signature- Solfege Notation- Score View- Chord Names- Split Key Colors- Note Names- Solfege Notation- MIDI Input- Create Loop Points- Perserve Formant (Go Pro IAP)- Re-Pitch Options (Go Pro IAP)- GM Soundsource- Play LMS (Audio+MIDI) files- Play LMV (Video+MIDI) files- Multi-Channel MIDI- MIDI Forwarding*Note: The only way to load files is through the File Browsing feature
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.8.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.