Songify for Windows 10

Songify allows you to search, find, and download music as MP3, and not pay for a subscription. Download it once, keep it forever. Files are stored in mp3/mp4 in your music folder. Forever. Be it mobile, or not. Add it to your playlists. Stream all music offline, with no ads, for free. You can search for any song and save it to your device in offline format. You can load your Spotify playlists, and for FREE, save them to your device in mp3 format for offline listening. You never have to pay for Spotify again, and you'll never get interrupted. Listen to music and NOT PAY. Driving in your car and streaming a playlist? You're paying. DONT. Use this instead. Going for a run? Just load up your Spotify playlist into this app, click 'Convert All' and go. No data charge. No Monthly Fee. Do you even lift, Bro? Yup. Got you covered. Want that awesome new Metallica song? Yeah Right. just find it in Songify and click 'convert' and go. This app does everything. Almost. I am open to feedback. Simply search for a song or video, and click 'Convert'. It will be placed in your Music folder for your offline listening enjoyment. Better yet, hit 'Convert All' and boom - you have everything you ever wanted.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements Available for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)