Jukebox 2112 for Windows 10

Jukebox 2112 plays MP3, M4A (AAC and ALAC), FLAC, and WMA music tracks. FLAC tracks with an embedded cuesheet play as if they were a CD, with per-track titles, durations, and lyrics; these like-CD tracks can also have playlists generated that allow loading these by individual tracks, or to be decoded to individual PCM. wav files, one per track - Gapless playback is always available with lossless formats (ALAC, FLAC, WMA-LL, and WAV), and is possible even for lossy formats such as MP3, AAC, and WMA - WASAPI audio output with both shared, and if needed, exclusive access, to the selected audio device Signal processing includes: ReplayGain and Soundcheck values are recognized, with fine-tuning available - Creating a subwoofer channel for low frequencies from the main two channels (2.0 becomes 2.1) ; extensive control is available - Creating with the subwoofer channel, a surround channel pair (2.1 becomes 5.1) ; reverb can be applied differently to the surround channels, to great effect - Headphone crossfeed to make headphones sound more like loudspeakers, with adjustable parameters - Multi-channel reverb, with selectable modes and extensive control at a per channel-pair level - Simple bass and treble tone controls for the front two channels, with adjustable parameters - 1/3-octave multi-channel EQ, and control for up to eight channels, in four channel-pair groupings User interface and visualizations include: Large controls allowing touch screen-only use - VU meter, dB meter, frequency bars, and oscope, one of each per channel, updating at up to 60 FPS - Easy-to-access pushbutton activation of DSP features - Album covers are displayed for upcoming tracks, and information on the currently selected track is also shown - The program window can be sized from tiny to fullscreen, with the contents scaling with the change of size - Tracks picked for play are viewed in the track listview, with Search available to flag matches by checking or unchecking each match - Each column header of the track listview has sorting and other actions - Each individual track has actions in its title and checkbox columns, such as adding the track to a playlist, or decoding it to a PCM. wav file No internal database is used. SSD-located tracks are fully parsed for metadata at a rate of 1000s of tracks per second. Tracks to play are picked by using a standard file open dialog; individual tracks, playlists, and folders can be added at any time.
Price USD 8.99
License Purchase
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements Available for Windows 10 (x64)