Dialog Editing For Film And TV For Pro Tools

Avids Pro Tools is the premiere DAW for editing dialog for TV and Film. Learn the Pro Tools audio editor's workflow in this advanced, 4-hour course by post-production expert, Roy Vargas.Editing dialog to picture is complex. Theres a lot of interactivity, when audio and video sync in post-production, that makes it essential for you to master all the concepts and tools. Thats why we called upon experienced Pro Tools expert Roy Vargas to break down the process and show you everything you need to know as a professional dialog editor.The course starts with a collection of tutorials that breakdown the anatomy of a post-production session. Roy explains the various kinds of sessions, tracks, file formats and organizational hierarchies that Pro Tools operators must know. Next, he shows you, from experience and by example, how a Pro Tools operator constructs and sets up a dialog-to-picture editing session. Then Roy dives into timecode, reference tones, sync pops, reel splitting and much more to assure that your session is built on solid ground.From there you explore the tools and techniques he uses to edit, crossfade, clean, sync, time-stretch and fix any kind of audio situation you might come across in post-production. By the time you finish this 48-tutorial course, you will "own" all the tools, techniques and, most importantly, the confidence to run your own Pro Tools post-production dialog editing sessions!Table of Contents:1. Session Layout: Anatomy of a Post-Production Project2. The Video Track3. The Guide Track4. Production Tracks5. Supported Session Formats6. Session Folder Hierarchy and Storage7. Before Starting a Project8. A Brief Word About Timecode9. What Are Reference Tones?10. Reference Tones - Generating11. Sync Pops12. Mix Templates13. Setting Up a Template for Dialog Editing Reference Tones14. Setting Up a Template for Dialog Editing Sync Pops15. Setting Up a Template for Other Tracks and Building Your Library16. Checking Sync17. Splitting Reels18. Safety, Safety, Safety19. More About Splitting Reels20. The Screening and Spotting Session21. Creating Scene Boundaries22. Setting Up Your Workspace23. Splitting Tracks... The Art of Checker Boarding24. Multi-Track Field Recorders and Metadata25. Balancing the Scene26. Fades and Crossfades27. Room Tone: A Necessary Evil28. Removing Artifacts29. Removing Even More Artifacts30. Putting Words Together31. What is Broadband Noise32. Frequency Analyzers and the Spectrogram33. Noise Removal Tools and Tips: EQ & Filters34. Noise Removal Tools and Tips: Specialized35. Repairing Distortion36. Spectral Repair37. When All Else Fails: AlternateTtakes38. Recording ADR Lines39. Comping ADR Takes40. Elastic Dialog41. Importing ADR into a Session42. Narration and Other Talking Heads43. Tempo and Pacing44. Tempo, Pacing and Cadence45. Gain Matching46. To Pre Mix or Not To Pre Mix47. Stems48. Consolidating the Session
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