Course For Bitwig Studio 103 - Instruments and MIDI Explored

Unleash Bitwigs sonic power in this exclusive 18-tutorial collection. Watch as electronic music expert Mo Volans explains Bitwig Studios synths, drum machines and powerful MIDI implementation.Instruments and MIDI are the language of electronic music production. In this course, you learn all about Bitwig Studios unique instruments and its extensive MIDI features.Mo guides you through the automated and manual processes of getting Bigwig to recognize the MIDI devices that are connected to your computer! From there, you learn how to load Bitwigs included instruments and all of your 3rd party soft synths. Once everythings operational, he explains how to create patches. Patches are essential to the Bigwig experience. These sonic systems allow you to build and save unique, custom instruments that you can recall in both live and studio situations. Next up is a section on drums and grooves. This is where you learn all about Bitwig Studios built-in drum modules and how to customize them. Mo then shows you all of the cool ways to build grooves and loops and then slice them up on the fly!This course ends with a MIDI workshop. In this series of tutorials, Mo dives into MIDI Effects and how to integrate them in performance with your favorite hardware MIDI controllers.Table of Contents:1. Hooking Up Your Controller2. Loading Bitwig Instruments3. Third Party Instruments4. Dealing With Plug-In Crashes5. Your First Synth Patch6. Adding Modulation7. Saving And Managing Patches8. Making Instrument Layers9. Adding Control With Macros10. The E Drums!11. Building A Custom Drum Machine12. Grooves And Loops13. Slicing Loops On the Fly14. Converting Audio To MIDI15. MIDI Effects Plug-ins16. Bouncing MIDI In Place17. Using Hardware Controllers18. Integrating Hardware Instruments
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