Audio Concepts 104 - Delay and Reverb Effects

Learn how delay-based effects work & are deployed in this 13 video tutorial app.As a follow-up to Acoustics Concepts, this course explains just how those "real world" acoustical FX are recreated in the studio using plugins. Learn how these delay-based effects function & are deployed in this hands-on course by Joe Albano.Recording engineers spend a lot of time and energy trying to record audio as pristinely as possible. In the process, for the most part, any sense of acoustic space is of secondary importance when compared to the perfect capture of the primary sound. There are many reasons for this and it is reinforced by the the ability to "add back" the room & space when mixing.This course picking up where the Acoustics course left off is filled with lots of in-depth explanations and animations explaining how all the major time-based effects work. Combined with an abundance of sonic examples, you learn how best to apply these FX which enhance the sound of your productions by adding depth, body and presence.Table of Contents:1. Intro to Reflection-Based Effects2. Delay Times for Delay-Based Effects3. Flanging4. Chorusing5. Doubling (ADT)6. Phasing7. The Leslie Rotating Speaker8. Echo9. Introduction: Reverb Types10. Send & Return Hookup for Reverb11. The Reverberant Sound Field12. Algorithmic Reverb (Controls)13. Convolution Reverb
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