Song Creator pocket edition

Song CreatorSong Creator is easy to use, sounds excellent and makes a lot of fun.This is the full version without Ads! You got all styles (country, blues, jazz, pop, rock and hard rock, even reggae and techno)With Song Creator you can easily write down your chords and let them play by musicians. If you got no idea for a song or chords, just press a button and Song Creator creates a whole song for you. You can create yourself or let SongCreator create the different parts of a song like intro, vers, chorus, bridge, etc.After that choose a song structure and here we go, press the song button and your song is ready to play by the build in Band.You can save and load your song or parts of it. Perhaps you want it to play later in another style or tempo, try another song structure or another key ? All without loosing its professionell sound quality!An expert system, that is based on proven information of artists creates popular chord progressions on a touch. We even developed a whole new sound engine, to let SongCreator sound like a live playing band. You just need to play around with chords, stiles and structures, transpose up and down - if you like.If you need someone to play your chords or chords from a song, than you need SongCreator. If you want to play around with your song ideas, than it is a "MUST HAVE".Song Creator sounds fantastic und makes lot of fun, even if you just want to hear to music. Just press the - Magic song - button and Song Creator creates songs one by one and plays them in different styles. You dont need to buy ambient sounds, you just press the button! Song Creator is perfect for: - the creation of backing tracks for musicians- the creation of songs and ambient music- to play chords of songbooks by a whole band (just type them in an choose a style) - to play ambient music - to improve you guitar skills - to learn improvisation and get better skills Some special features are:- edit the different song parts and let SongCreator build the song based on your choosen structure- transpose on a touch without loosing quality- let Song Creator create popular chord progression- save and load your song or song parts- let SongCreator play ambient musicStyles: - Country - Blues - Jazz - (Hard-) Rock - Pop - Techno etc.
Price USD 9.99
License Purchase
File Size 59.74 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.