Appjenou?! by Tin Men and the Telephone

Appjenou!? by Tin Men and the Telephone is an exploration of improvised music incorporating unparalleled opportunities for interaction. It opens up a whole new gamut of ways to listen and watch and join in. Using the graphical interface, you can manipulate the recorded music or navigate between different versions of the same song. Appjenou!? is released in the form of five in-app pieces each offering a different experience and also featuring a remote control that can be used to zap the band during live concerts. Amsterdam-based trio Tin Men and the Telephone has made its name over the years by integrating multimedia in its shows. However, it was not previously able to interactively integrate visuals on its previous albums. This has now inspired TM&TT to create this aptly named Appjenou!? App. One aim is to present music so it allows you to discover something new each time. Use the graphics to tweak an existing recording, choose from different solos or alter the sound by changing the effects. These artifacts bring together traditional and alternative ways of representing improvised music. Appjenou!? wants to challenge the way we think about music and experience it. The emergence of new interactive mobile technologies means the term improvisation in music can take on a whole new meaning. Alternate takes of the same tune were once common on jazz albums and Appjenou!? takes that concept one step further using the medium of the app. Real-time switching between takes means you can explore similarities or differences that might otherwise go unnoticed. Appjenou!? is not only an album of music, but is also designed to be used live. It features a remote control to log in during a concert. In this way, the audience can influence the course of events. The musicians respond and extemporise on the spot giving a whole new meaning to the term audience interaction. Appjenou!? features three of our own compositions as well as two arrangements, one of the Third Movement of Prokofiev's Seventh Sonata and one of Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone) inspired by Errol Garners original recording. Appjenou!? was developed by TM&TT in collaboration with app developer Mark Marijnissen and artwork designer Stijn van der Pol. The live software was developed by industrial designer Olger Star. The album also features guest appearances by electronic-music composer Anil Camci from Istanbul, London-based lyricist Heidi Heidelberg, and two of Holland's finest jazz musicians: Anton Goudsmit and Oene van Geel. Tin Men and the Telephone is:Tony Roe - pianoLucas Dols - bass Bobby Petrov - drumsRecording and mixing: Tony Roe
File Size16.3 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.