This Day In Classic Rock

Get Closer To The Music with the official App from Classic Rock magazine, containing daily rock facts for every day of the year, an interactive Quiz, 300+ Trivia items, an overview of 50 classic rock albums, plus a free ringtone and wallpaper. This new App brings you all the rock facts a fan could want, plus Trivia, a Quiz and 50 classic albums critiqued - direct to your device.Plus a free exclusive rock ringtone and free wallpaper! Classic Rock Magazine is a leading UK music publication, focusing on key bands from the 1960s through to contemporary and upcoming artists.Tons of content:- On This Day - more than 2,000 entries for 366 days of the year: all the major rock musical happenings from classic album releases, artists birthdays, drug busts and arrests, major festivals, tours and more! - Test your rock musical knowledge in the interactive Quiz, scored with marks out of 10.- Hundreds of items of Trivia:Did you know that guitarist Steve Vai keeps bees as a hobby? That Ian Gillan was in the same class at school as Pete Townshend? and much more..!- 75,000 words of Song Notes about 50 of some of the greatest rock albums of all time, from Ac/DC to The Who. They link to your music library, so you can listen to tracks as you read the notes. The App also gives you a direct link to iTunes to download extra tracks.- Also includes a free rock ringtone, exclusive to this App. - 2 wallpaper screen images, tons of expandable photos, links to classic Rock Magazines Facebook and Twitter pages and more!For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
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