Practice My Saxophone Scales - Alto Sax Grade 4 (ABRSM)

Welcome to "Practice My Saxophone Scales" - a fun way to practise and learn your ABRSM examination scales playing along with a live saxophonist!This app is designed to help the user learn, practise and memorise the required scales in the syllabus for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 4 Alto Saxophone examination.By playing regularly through the exercises of scales and arpeggios with the accompanying audio track, the user will not only conquer the technical aspects of playing scales and arpeggios, but will subconsciously begin the process of memorisation and, before long, be able to execute the required scales/arpeggios, from memory, with ease.All scales and arpeggios are displayed in the app, but, in addition, the user can also download a printable PDF booklet, with all the playalong exercises, to their laptop/desktop by visiting the support website at http://ianandrewsmith.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/altosaxscales4The scales covered for this syllabus are:A Major, B Minor, CMajor, CMinor, D Major, D Minor, Eb Major, F Major, F# Minor, G Minor, Dominant 7th in G, Chromatic on C & Chromatic on DRemember, in the examination, the user is only required to play ONE version of a requested minor scale (either Harmonic OR Melodic).Each individual scale is divided further into various speeds and articulations. Again, please remember that you are required, for the examination, to know the scale AND arpeggio in both forms of articulation: Legato (Slurred) and Staccato (Tongued).At "Half Speed" the user is guided slowly through the scale so that full tonal and finger control is established along with gaining familiarity with the notes of the scale itself.A catchy rhythm backing encourages even tempo (speed) and makes the experience a little more fun!At "Full Speed", the user can practise the selected scale at the recommended tempo for the examination. Another rhythm backing track establishes a steady tempo to follow. Of course, if the user becomes proficient at this tempo, then he/she can continue to explore raising the speed away from the app environment.The arpeggios are, again, divided into their respected families: Major, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor.
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