What's next in digital music. TunesPlus is a desktop tool to create, publish and mantain a digital music store. Artists and Labels, Get up to 90% selling mp3 94% in mp3 album sales. The TunesPlus solution allows artists and labels to: (1) Create their own customized virtual music store. (2) Sell directly to fans on any website, blog or social network on the web. (3) Set the prices and stop paying percentage of each song they sell. Instantly all the sales revenues directly on their PayPal account. (4) Host your music store and music files. (5) Track sales and customers information at PayPal too. (6) TunesPlus trial is FREE and a non-exclusive solution. TunesPlus (www.mytunesplus.com ) is a media technology company dedicated to developing innovative software and services that help artists and their partners build music businesses and brands. We help artists sell their music, manage their catalogs and generate demand for music. TunesPlus preparing to challenge iTunes in business model by launch their groundbreaking technology specifically designed to empower artists to make money. Not only does the solution fill a long-standing void in the music industry, but it also provides artists the opportunity to design, promote and sell their music.
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