Chord Note Naming is intended to help musicians learn the notes associated with some of the standard music chords. The 3 note chords supported are: Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished, Sus2, Sus4, Flatend 5th The 4 note chords supported are: Major 6, Major 7, Major 7#5, Major 7b5, Major add9, Minor 6, Minor 7, Minor Major 7, Minor add9, Dominant, Dominant Sus4, Dominant #5, Dominant b5, Half Diminished, Fully Diminished The 5 note chords supported are: Major 6 add9, Minor 6 add9, Dominant add9, Dominant add9b5, Dominant add9#5, Dominant add6, Dominant b9, Dominant #9, Minor 6 add9, Minor 9, Minor 9b5, Major 9, Minor Major add9 Chord Note Naming has two main functions: 1. Provide the user with the ability to select a chord, and the application will display the notes for that chord 2. Provide the user with a note naming quiz, where the user has to select the notes for a randomly chosen chord. The application checks the answer and displays the result to the user. This application will continue to be free. Next planned enhancements: 1) Add more chords e.g., 11th, 13th (in Design) 2) Add fret board (Bass and Guitar) (in Analyse)
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Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPod Touch, iPhone. iTunes account required.