Protools Session Timbaland - Apologize

Protools session series files containing Timbaland - Apologize. The full file pack contains a lot of sessions with the making progress, with markers showing what is happening in the session with tips and tricks. If you are a professional or a beginner protools user, either way it is a fine solution to get to the next level in your studio mixing since this professional material contains all the materials you need to look, how was it made by someone else. As a musician I found that the best way to learn music and studio theory is by watching others doing it. This is a very good opportunity to see how a professional protools session works. Everything you need is included in these sessions: Exact instrument names (what was used to make that track with not only naming the voice but naming the software or hardware synth with the patch names with no need to have those instruments). Exact realtime effect names (including all the parameters which are use with no need to have the plugin itseft). Using Playlist, the instruments are recorded in high quality, and all of the effects are in the playlist individually, so you can have a look what effect does what separately in that soloed track). Markers help you find out what is going on in that part, and how it was recorded. You will see a full complete session that contains everything that protools can give. Tips and tricks are included in markers to have a full view of the Protools session. It is not like other sessions which are included in Dvd Protools books, where you find that some parts are missing and you have the question to yourself what has happened to the patches and what effect made that sound sound so good. All the tracks are made by Protools 7.3, but it is saved in different earlier versions of Protools to make sure you will be able to open wether you have Mac or PC or even all of the older versions of protools. Tracks are not more than 32 stereo or mono tracks what every Protools can load. All containing material is not copyrighted since it does not contain melodies, lyrics, only chord progressions. For home use only, for educational purposes.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 33.49 MB
Version 1.6
Operating System Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements Protools 6 and up