FrettyCharts is designed to let you build and render libraries of chord and scale charts for stringed instruments. You can organize your charts into groups, for example: Minor Chords, G Chords, or DADGAD Scales. FrettyCharts will automatically name chords if you like, which saves a lot of time and mistakes. When you're ready to use the charts, you can render them into a variety of image formats such as JPEG and PNG. Book authors can render charts to publisher friendly formats such as Adobe PDF. Furthermore, you can design your own image look and feel by setting colors, fonts, image orientation, barre-chord styles, size, spacing, fingering decorations and many more. With just a few clicks, FrettyCharts will take your chart library and create a website. The HTML files are ready to publish to the internet, with colors and fonts matching the chord styles. You can also have audio MIDI files added to the website, which are played by clicking on the matching chord/scale chart. For the more technically minded the website appearance can be customized in detail.
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