*DIGIDRUMMER*- The original App Store Drum Pad app -Now introducing 3.0 with Custom Kit Maker.Choose from over 200 sounds andcompose your own custom kits!DigiDrummer makes it easy and fun to playdrums on your iPhone and iPod Touch!Dear customer, please read the FAQ at the bottom of the page! DigiDrummer works on all devices with Firmware 2.2or later and with sound!*WINNER of iPhone Excellence Award 2008*"DigiDrummer Shines in Perfect 10 Performance. DigiDrummer from Magnick Software is quite simply the greatest drum machine for the iPhone to date."Rating: 10/10 appcraver.comFeatures:- Low latency and superior response- Record and playback functions- Overdubbing mode- Save your own beats to the "Beat Library"- 29 DIFFERENT DRUMSETS! Including:* DigiDrummer CLASSIC * TD88 * TIGHT* BEATME * MACHINE * FUNKY * S880* EIGHTY * METAL2 * CRAZY * FLIPPED OUT* BOUNCE * SPECIAL * BOOM * BONGO KING* FATBEAT * JAZZ * BRUSHED JAZZ * DD-707* OBER-THE-X * 1985 * MOUTH MUSIC* STEEL DRUMS * DD-808 * DD-909* LINOLEUM * FREAK * PERCUSSION * EMAN- Play along to your iPod music- Choose between 3 different skins:DD Classic, Fatty Thumbs & Black- "Real drums mode"- User interface designed for playing with your fingers and thumbs in mind.- High quality 16-bit stereo drum samples- 8 drumpads- Slide across the pads! This brings fantastic new possibilities and speed to your drum play!- "Slide'n Roll Mode" Play drumrolls with ease! Drag your fingers across the pads and it will automatically do drumrolls for you. Custom drum roll pace.- Custom Kit Maker. Choose from 200 soundsand make your own kits! Randomize function.- Blue Tooth Beat Transfer. Share your beats with other DigiDrummerusers through BlueTooth. (Only for 3.0 users) User instructions:To record: Press "Record button".To stop recording: Press "Record button" again.To save your recorded beat press"Settings button". In the "Beat Library"view press "Save Recorded Beat".Name it and press OK. To load a beatjust choose one of your recorded beatsand press "Load". The Overdub mode enables you to record your beats on top of each other "in layers".User instructions for playing alongto music:* Start up your iPod and fire up a song* Start DigiDrummer* Play along!* To change song in your iPod from DigiDrummer doubletap quick on your homebutton to bring up the iPods song selector.Note: Volume levels differs ondifferent song mixes. Thereby the drumsvolume levels can sound "to low" in compare to some of your songs.We are "locked down" from changing the iPods volume level towards DigiDrummers. The Ipods volume level "overrule" all volume on your device.Visit www.magnicksoftware.com fordemo videos of Digidrummer in action.FAQ: No sound? Visit www.magnicksoftware.comfor instructions or contact support.
File Size20.98 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later., iTunes account required