MelCom is a melody compiler program that enables you to produce Midi files from textual descriptions of music. MelCom uses a simple textual language where you can describe melodic music mainly by typing the names and durations of the notes. Before compiling the textual description of the music into a Midi file, MelCom allows the user to preview the described music both audibly and visually. Each note in the text is highlighted while being played during playback preview.MelCom supports Middle-Eastern music (aka "Arab-music" and "Arabic music") via providing 1/4 tones. The textual language includes 2 additional accidentals, one for half-flat and the other for half-sharp. These additional accidentals produce true quarter-tone sounds both in the playback preview and in the generated Midi file.
License Free
File Size 1.02 MB
Version 1.4
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Windows 98 Windows Me Windows XP
System Requirements Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 Server