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Good behaviors are likely to happen more if appreciated with a positive action like a reward.Rewards can encourage your childs good behaviorsHow you act when your child behaves can make the behavior likely to happen again. Rewards can motivate your child to do more things that you appreciate.Rewards can improve your relationship with your childWhen you reward your child, it makes both you and your child happy. Your child is happy because he/she will get something they like. You will be happy to see your child doing something good and the smile on your child will make you happier.Rewards can help increase self-esteemKids, especially toddlers and preschoolers, often hear the words no, stop and quit throughout the day. This is normal and one of the ways they are taught to learn right from wrong. However, repeatedly hearing these words can impact their self-esteem. They may start believing that they cannot do anything right. When a child earns a reward, they know that they have done something good and something that you appreciate of them. This increases their self-esteem.Considering this magic of rewarding, we created a simple smart parenting app where parents can give Happy and Angry points to kids based on their behaviors or some daily chores they do. Kids can redeem rewards with the points they earned. Hence, kids are more than likely to follow good behavior as there is a point system that they can redeem with any gift they like.Below are the major features of Kiddy app.Happy PointsParents can give Happy points when kids do something positive. Eg: for some household chores like when they help in cleaning their room or when they get some good grades in exams, etc.Angry PointsGive Angry points (i.e. reduce points) when kids do anything negative. Eg: when they fight with their siblings, get low grades in exams, etc.Redeem PointsKids can redeem the points with their parents and get some gifts. Eg: You can relate 1 point to any currency say 1 point = 1 cent or 1 point = 1 Rupee. When kids have earned enough points, they can Redeem some points from their earned points and buy a gift.WishlistMaintain a wishlist for kids. Kids can add a gift they want to their wishlist. A target point is marked for each wishlist. Once kids have earned enough points, they can redeem that gift.Plan Happy and Angry behaviorsPlan Happy and Angry behaviors upfront.Point HistorySee the history of points earned and redeemedBackup and RestoreSecure data backup to Google drive & restore data when requiredShareShare your happiness to social mediaHope you all enjoy using Kiddy app. Happy Parenting
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License Free
Version 4.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 6.0 and up