FamiGuard Parental Control

FamiGuard is the perfect way to remotely manage and control your childs phone. You can use it to limit the time your child spends on apps and games. It also helps in filtering inappropriate website content, setting up a geofence, tracking his/her real-time location, and viewing daily reports of his/her online and offline activities. Thanks to FamiGuard, parenting has been made easier than ever!The following features are included in both the Free Trial and Premium Plans.- Location Tracking & HistoryIf you wish to keep track of your childs whereabouts, FamiGuards location tracking feature will show you his/her real-time position with just a single tap. And if the information you need is where he/she has been; browsing through the location history would provide all the answers you seek.- Geofence & AlertsBy creating and adding a geofence, you will get notifications of every entrance and exits by your child into the boundary you have set. This can help you monitor whether your child stays within the safe zone, whether he/she goes home early, etc.- Apps and Games BlockingYou can set the amount of time spent on distracting apps and games. As soon as the time limit is reached, he/she would be denied access to these apps. This would help your child concentrate on school work and other activities while fostering healthy online habits.- Advanced Web Content FilteringThere are 30+ website categories for you to choose from. By selecting a category such as Adult, you can quickly and easily restrict your childs access to thousands of similar sites. You can also set a blacklist or whitelist permission for a single URL.- Screen Time LimitationsIf you dont want your child to be stuck on his/her phone during family time or at bedtime, just simply set time restrictions on the device or pause phone usage. Your childs phone will be locked temporarily during the time you have set.- App & Web Activity ReportsWith FamiGuard you have access to reports that allow you view app activity, web activity, as well as geofence reports. This would help you decipher which apps your child uses frequently, the web content that catches his/her interest, and his/her movements. You will also receive a notification when your child installs or uninstalls an app.Enjoy peace of mind by installing FamiGuard parental control app for your child now!How to use FamiGuard to protect your child and set limitations1. Install FamiGuard on your phone as well as your childs phone, then, register an account.2. Configure your childs device by following the on-screen instructions.3. Once your child's device is set up, you can now switch attention to your own device and wait for the connection.4. After a successful connection, you can then set all parental control settings via the app.Why choose FamiGuard parental control app?1. It is very easy to use and the interface is quite straight-forward.2. Flexible remote control with an option of using either default or personalized rules.3. The PIN protection can prevent others from accessing and modifying the related settings.4. Its multi-platform management helps you keep your child safe: Via the app and web dashboard.5. Quick and effective support available if you have any problems with the use of this app.Please note:1. A network connection is required to sync data and apply rules.2. This app uses the Device Administrators permission feature to prevent your child from uninstalling any app without your permission.3. This app uses the Accessibility service to set time limitations, block websites, and more.About the DeveloperSince its establishment in 2015, iMyFone has served around 2 million customers in more than 100 countries. At iMyFone, we are committed to providing the best and easiest solutions for every Android and iOS user.ContactIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at famiguard.support@imyfone.com
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.4.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up