LRNPLAY: A Parental Control App with e-Learning

Learn to Earn, Earn to Redeem, Redeem to Play- LearnPlay is a first of it's kind App to integrate parental control features with concept-based worksheets driven by a tangible reward system.- It aims for holistic development of children through focused learning and development of values and life skills in a safe environment.- Parental control features of this app help you to track the amount of time a child spends on smartphones, tablets and various other devices.- It also provides opportunity for parents to assign chores/tasks and build values of responsibility and diligence in children while rewarding them for their efforts.- It can be installed on one device to track and monitor multiple devices.- One can limit access to specific apps, block undesired apps, track usage report, block any /all apps at certain times such as school time, bedtime and playtime, periodically reward additional playtime to your child for good behavior.- The worksheets are grade appropriate and aim at mastery of concepts being learnt across grades with emphasis on understanding and application of information.- Worksheets are found in 3 levels - Remember, Understand and Apply.- Real time reports from the macro to the micro levels provide immediate and clear insight into the areas of strength and areas for improvement, thus driving learning in the correct direction towards definite academic success.- Worksheets are fun and children are motivated to learn by scoring points for all correct answers and redeeming them for gifts or playtime. They learn to earn their hearts desire. So Learn...Earn.... & Play!Our concept based worksheets feature for children is available in English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi, and Telugu.Click here to know more.Our app has both Free and Paid features. Our Free version is free forever. Download it and access basic LearnPlay for free. For more details visit our site www.lrnplay.comWe also have various levels of a paid version of the app, which comes with parental control, learn-ing materials and rewards for the children. You get all of the Free features plus some really useful Premium features when you subscribe.
Operating System Android