QUEDO COMBINES THE BEST FROM GAMES AND TODO-LISTS IN ONE APPSometimes a motivation to do tasks is missing. We try to add fun to any task! Compare the fun in reaching the next level in your favorite game and washing the dishes!MASTERING EVERYDAY LIFE IN A PLAYFUL WAY Earn experience points, defeat the (inner) monsters, complete quests, level up and of course collect the reward for completed tasks! MORE PLAYERS = MORE FUNYou can play Quedo with your friends and your family to assign quests to each other. Motivate each other! It is well known fact within experts that rewards are much better to motivate than punishment!NO GAME WITHOUT REWARD The shop in Quedo allows you to define treasures/targets that you can treat yourself or others to once a certain number of quests have been completed. For every todo you complete in Quedo, you will receive one experience point and coins.You can exchange the coins for real rewards in the shop, so you can reward yourself with a visit to the cinema after spending a lot of time in the gym. Or you can reward your children for helping out especially hard at home.*Features in Quedo version 1.0:- Create a list of your daily tasks- Group function - assign tasks to your friends or family- Define your own rewards for completed tasks- Unlock new characters by completing tasks- Level upgrade of your character through completed tasks- Tracking of completed tasks- Assigned tasks must be confirmed as soon as they have been completed
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