Dead simple nanny camera that let you see and hear you baby from another room.Perfect for mothers and babysitters. You can do housework, cooking or watch a movie without stress, while your baby is sleeping or playing in another room.No stressUnlike other baby monitor apps, you don't have to check if the app really works, you see it.It's simpleStart monitoring you baby just by turning NannyCam app on on two nearby devices.You don't need Internet nor 3G. The devices communicate with each other by built-in Wi-Fi Direct. It works up to 100 meters - it depends on WiFi antenna of both devices.Don't worryParent device volume is maximized so you can hear your baby, display is prevented from sleeping.Baby device display can be turned off, it works anyway. Sounds from the device are turned off automatically to let your baby sleep calmly.If NannyCam is turned off on parent or baby device, it reconnects automatically after restart.With loveNannyCam is completely free.Developed, tested and used by real parents :-)
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None