Track & Act

A trusted way to track child's developmental delays. Using this app you will be able to get quantified performance measurement to identify growth delays in children. Track & Act is a tracking tool used to track child development. Suited for children between 4 months to 5 years of age. Screening process consists of questions regarding child's activities which are to be answered YES/NO and is based on 4 areas considered as primary domains to measure the child's proper growth: 1. Socio-emotional, 2. Cognitive, 3. Physical and 4. Language domains. The Assessment can be carried out within 5-7 minutes. A score will be generated at the end, based on which a report suggests on what area, the skill development has to be done on the child. After series of successful tools and programs related to early child intervention, offers this revolutionary tracking App for parents, professionals and caretakers to assess children under their guidance to identify any developmental delays in them. The brainchild of Dr. Nandini Mundkur, helps in providing awareness about the right child growth culture. This app comprises of practical questions about the child's activities.The new, in-depth procedure helps in giving Parents/Caretakers a better look at what the child is at their core. The questions are fun and playful by design, developed by a team of qualified paediatric experts, and driven by over years of scientific research in childhood developmental delays.
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License Free
Version 0.04
Operating System Webware
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