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Jugglr is the must have new app for moms. Make new friends, find local jobs by helping other mothers or just exchange help. Get things done, save money with the help of local mommies. If you have a baby or a young child Jugglr is the place for you. We are a marketplace for help, services and super flexible jobs for women with children. Our goal is to create a place where women with children can help one another practically. All moms can benefit by pooling effort and develop further professionally during motherhood. Having a baby is an awesome experience, with Jugglr's circle of help you and your baby will have an even more awesome experience thanks to moms willing to help one another.Meet local moms and help one another, from baby playdates to sharing house chores, from personal training to career coaching, from help with your business and career to girls' time out and much more. Jugglr is FREE and ONLY for women with children!Jugglr is a simple and secure way for you (your baby and your children) to access a network of trusted mothers in your area who can help you juggle the demands of your busy life. At sign up please make sure you allow notifications, this will get you verified in our social network much quicker by another trusted mommy in your area. In our app for moms you'll be able to:1) Quickly customise your profile, including ability to add up to 4 photos. You'll be able to select what type of help you need (e.g. finding local jobs, help around the home, arrange baby playdates, etc.) and how you can help in return. As things change, you can update your preferences at any time so that our moms community can help.2) Search for mothers in your area who are willing to help with anything you may need. Local jobs for moms are available in Jugglr. Mommies in Jugglr can arrange baby playdates and girls's time out, car pool for kids pick ups and drop offs, give a hand running your business or nailing your dream job, help out at home with cooking and general housework, help keep fit with yoga & fitness and even help learn new things like photography, languages and much more!3) Our app for moms is a trusted network, get to know each other using chat and exchange help through the 'make an offer' button in Jugglr. You can keep a list of your favourite mommy friends by adding them to your faves in 'my connections'.4) In 'marketplace' you can offer services or post jobs to our moms community. This is super handy if you wish to earn some money by helping other local mommies or need to get things done quickly and rather help moms with some money.5) Local jobs for mothers and playdates for kids are available in Jugglr. Every exchange of help between mothers in our app for moms can be arranged and tracked using 'my to-dos'. Upon completion of tasks you can rate the services received and let other mommies know about your awesome experience!How to use Jugglr:1. Log in with Facebook and consent permissions to allow security screening, safety and security are our number one priority2. Allow location services and notifications to be verified as trusted mom by a member of our trusted network in Jugglr3. Take 20 seconds to read the short tutorials at first sign up, this will help you get the best experience with Jugglr4. Browse Jugglr map view to locate moms in your area and tap on pins to see profiles5. Chat freely with local mommies, make arrangements, and manage tasks within the appI'm a new mom, is this app for me? Yes, Jugglr is for you if you are a new mom, a mother with young children or even if your children are grown up - motherhood is what unites us all.For more information go to www.jugglrapp.com/faq and join us on www.facebook.com/jugglr .
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