Is Santa Watching PRO

Is Santa Watching?Everyone knows kids are on their best behavior when they go to visit Santa, but what about the weeks and months leading up to Christmas?With this app, parents can show kids that Santa really IS watching them... even when he's not there!Note, this 'Is Santa Watching PRO' app is free, but requires you to set up a 99 cent account on www.SantaSignUp.com. After registering with data, a username, and a password, it's all stored online. Anyone with your login credentials can then access and change the data. The app not only lets you see (and show your kids) that data but also gives you the ability to have Santa text you when there's updated info. With this PRO system, one parent can change data that appears on the other parent's phone... which would REALLY impress the kids. ("How did Santa know I did that?")A few important notes:1) Since this app logs into an online server, your phone must have internet access. (But it's only online for a fraction of a second, so it shouldn't affect your data plan.)2) You'll need a computer (or internet enabled smartphone) to set up your initial www.SantaSignUp.com account.3) After entering some info about your kids ("Emmery got an A in reading today.", "Ryland helped daddy out in the yard.", "Lily has been nice to everyone today."), this data will be stored online. Note, your last name isn't entered or stored anywhere.4) Once registered, you'll be given access to a hidden webpage where you can enter/change the data anytime. It will then appear on any 'Is Santa Watching PRO' app that logs in with the same username and password. This means you can prove to your kids that Santa was watching them... even if you never touched your phone!After your download, visit www.SantaSignUp.com today!
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