Greetings for Children

Learning about culture and diversity is very important in this rapidly growing world. Teaching your child with friendly greetings in other languages will give them the knowledge of how to welcome others from different cultures. W5Go has created an exciting AR & VR enabled app that will take your child on a fun filled journey throughout the world. In the W5go playground your child will meet other students of many different cultures. These friendly students will greet your child with happy Hello from their native language! Your child will learn various formal and informal greetings from world leaders such as the Obamas and the Queen. They will learn time of day greetings "good morning" "good afternoon" and "good night". Explore the globe in AR, touch a country and learn how they greet each other. Learn about culture! Celebrate diversity! This App is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners, to aid them in learning about other languages and cultures. All of our W5Go apps do not require internet connection after initial download. They are ad free and have no in app purchases. W5Go is designed to raise the digital consciousness of the populace starting with the very young. It introduces the child to Digital Techniques and Technology in beautiful computer Graphics, Animations and Augmented Reality in a fun and entertaining way. It is also a good interactive way for the child to learn English words and expressions while playing the W5Go apps and games. The W5Go Apps and Games are the teacher, the Child simply learns by osmosis. If you've an idea about improving this App, by bringing in more fun and interactivity, please write to us at
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None