CALMEAN Control Center

CALMEAN Control Center app was created to meet needs of parents who wants to control their childs phone or who own one of CALMAEAN products (Child Watch, Senior Watch, Pet Tracker or Pendant). CALMEAN Control Center allows you to check protected person's current location, control their activity or receive notification in an unusual or even dangerous situation.CALMEAN Control Center allows you to:1.Set time limit for application usage - be sure it will not omit their homework or other duties.2. Be sure your child will not download inappropriate application (f.ex. containing pornography or violence) You can block every application on your child's phone. You can also decide whether accept or decline very newly downloaded one, before child begin to use it.3. Know your child's actual location and location history - thanks to locations services (accuracy up to 1 m)4. Check who your child has contact with and block specific people - You can decide wheter to accept or decline any newly added contact.5. Be sure that does not receive any inappropriate messages or phone calls - You can manage and control child's phone book and set whitelist or blacklist. 6.Know whether your child is not where it should be (f.ex leaves school before lesson ends) - thanks to Safe Zones function (geofence) you are able to control if your child attends lessons or come home on time. We will notify you if it leaves or not enters specific zone in specific time. 7. Be sure tha your child uses safe websites - thanks to internet activity functuon ... and many more possibilitief of protecting your familyRemember tha using one app you can control and protect many devices (for example all your children and pupils) - evryone has a unique profile in the app. If you decide to protect your child's phone you have to install Parental Control app on their phone. You will receive a direct link during registeration process. We invite you to download our appO
Operating System Android