GoGo Baby Tracking & Connect - Activity Tracker

Mom and Dad work during the day? Keep up to date with what baby is up to - in real time - as baby's caregiver logs activities throughout the day.The perfect app for helping Mom, Grandma or Nannies and babysitters keep track and log daily events like meal time, nap time and adventures like trips to library or tummy time - and share details including photos with everyone following your child's profile. Only Moms and Caregivers (grandma, nanny) can invite followers, and you can always see who has access to the activities feed. Mom can always see what Baby is doing, from meal time to nap time and all the fun adventures in between. Grandma can check in on her newest bundle of joy.Photos, notes and updates are shared automatically.How cool is that? Mom and Dad can check in on baby via GoGo Baby, and continue to log entries in the evening so Mom, Grandma, Nanny and babysitters are all on same page with your child's needs.Share notes, photos, realtime updates, food amounts, diaper changes, nap time and durations, walks to the park, story time....Download GoGo Baby Tracker and Connect and see for yourself if staying connected to your baby throughout the day is as cool as it sounds!
Operating System Android