Keepers is an AI based application to protect children from cyberbullying and pedophilia. Keepers is a protecting tool for your child, Keepers smartly identify suspicious and abusive content on you child smartphone and alerting you, the parents, in real-time. If Keepers will spot a violent behavior on your child device we will report it to the parent in real time. Features: Supervision and message monitoring: Keepers analyzes text messages (both on SMS and social media), recognizes abusive messages and reports them to the parent only if we will spot violence behavior. Privacy protection: In order to respect your child's privacy, the application only sends alerts for problematic messages which are identified by Keeper's artificial intelligence systems Keepers handle the user data securely, including transmitting it using modern cryptography (over HTTPS). Child location: With Keepers you can track your child's location at all times. Battery level: Monitor your child's battery level on their phone and get an alert if the battery is under 15%. Ad-free: We will never use your child's information for any commercial purposes. Keepers - the smartest way to protect children's from cyberbullying. For more information visit our web-site: www.KeepersChildSafety. netKeepers Privacy Policy.
Operating System Android