The award winning. (#MAL4EG) Family circle is a mobile application that securely connects your loved ones, it increases the feeling of security of the parents over their children, as it enables parents to see the real-time location of their children 24/7 while getting real-time notifications about the places that the children move to. Family circle has the following features: Live support. Very easy and intuitive user interface. Uses secure, encrypted connections. Provides real-time location information about the children. Can be used to navigate to a child's exact location. Enables parents to define trusted areas where they get notifications when their children move in/out of them. Uses Qr-code scanning to join/leave groups. Uses a announcement system that allows group members to notify each other of sudden changes in plans. Free. you can use it without any limitations, and you can support the developers by making a subscription in the app. Parent steps: Registration, Create group, Share code, Define trusted places. Child steps: Registration, Join group by shared code or code scanning.
Operating System Android