Hello kids, come back again with our application. This time our application contain videos of CKN Toys review, such as Toys in this egg include Flip ans Race Speedway playset, Slam & Go Blaze, Geyser Blast Playset, Monster Dome Playset, Transforming Fire Truck, Transforming Blaze Jet, Talking Zeg, Talking Darington, Slam & Go Crusher, Slam & Go Stripes and Monster Morpher Darington. Fire Sam and his red fire engine saves Iron Man from his burning house. Iron Man was working on his armor suit when suddenly BOOM, the whole place is on fire. Who else can he call for help but his friend Fireman Sam. Fireman Sam jumped on his red fire engine and drove to rescue Iron Man. Will he make it in time before the whole house is burnt down?
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