Baby Crying (monitor and alert, lullaby)

When you have to put your baby in the room and do something else for a whileIf you are worried about your baby waking up, BabyCrying will help you. Call alert: When the baby starts to cry, this app calls the other registered mobile phone. (Any device that can make calls is available.) - Remote Command (SMS) : If you are still concerned, you can use the remote command function to check your current status and request a call to hear the sound. My theme: You can set your own theme, such as registering baby face pictures and names, and background themes according to your child's gender. Lullaby: Lullaby Music for Babies to go to sleep. If you like the Baby Crying app, please leave a review. I will reward you with a steady update ^^If you have any questions or complaints, please contact us by email below.
Operating System Android