Conceiving a child can be a real struggle for some couples. As we all know, there are only 5 fertile days in a month and figuring out those days accurately can be complicated. Eveline utilizes your smartphone's camera (front) to read the results from test strips with 99% accuracy. The mobile app shows and records test results on for maximum convenience. In addition, the Eveline Smart Fertility System provides you with comprehensive data and an innovative push notification system, so that you know when to take the test, and when the peak days are. Technology & Innovation At Your SideThe Eveline Smart Fertility System Is Utilizing The Latest Advancements In Technology To Make Your Life Easier. The Magic ReaderUtilizing the front camera of your phone, our algorithm analyses the test results automatically, the status icons make it easy to understand. THE Smart APPOur app does the miracle work. It calculates the next peak, saves data for future tracking, reminds you when the peak days are via push notifications. FEATURESCLEARNever guess again. Know your fertility status clearly with three simple levels. CLEVERReceive automatic reminders to cleverly schedule your fertility plan. COMPLETETrack your complete and individualized fertility profile to maximize chances of conceiving. Supported OS: Android 5.1.1 or later (not for tablets).
Operating System Android