Fairplay - Parental Control

The very first parental control app allowing perfectly balanced and safe playing time on your kids tablets and smart phones. Do you feel your kids are not learning enough on their devices? Fairplay allows you to select what you consider as educational based apps, and then choose how long they must use these apps before being rewarded with other play. Do you feel their education is suffering as a result of their use of technology? With Fairplay, you will know that every hour your child spends on their device; they will have the perfect balance of learning over playing. Worried about the' zombie style' trance our kids put themselves through with their game bingeing? Fairplay solves this problem. Are you concerned with the amount of screen time they are exposed to in any given day? Fairplay solves this problem. Do you want to block complete website access from your younger children? Fairplay's app blocker solves this problem. Want to block certain apps or programs? With Fairplay you can. At homework time, do you want your kid's device to block out all other content apart from homework apps/educational apps with just a click of a switch? With Fairplay you can. Are your kids ignoring your requests to get off their devices? Fairplay allows you to halt their devices with a click of a button from your own phone. (daily time allowance feature). Do you want to know what your child is playing on, for how long, but don't want to be looking over their shoulder? With Fairplay you can. Download Fairplay for free. We offer a completely free basic version of Fairplay, this allows full monitoring of all apps your child uses for the last 30 days, and also offers limited features of 'balanced play' which allows you to reward playing time but only after completing learning time, the cycle then repeats. Fairplay PremiumOnce downloaded for free, you can add additional features to your app including: 1. Daily time allowance 2. App blocker 3. The full version of balanced play Simply login to your account at www.fairplayapp.co.uk and purchase each feature for just. 5.99 or 'go premium' for all the features for just. 14.99 (with no monthly or annual subscriptions.) Going premium ensures any feature additions will be included free of charge in future updates. No other parental control app offers such a fair pricing policy. http://fairplayapp.co.uk/pricing. phpWriting a review or providing feedbackEnsuring great customer service is very important to us here at Fairplay, Please allow us the opportunity to know your thoughts and continually improve by visiting our contact page. http://fairplayapp.co.uk/contact. php.
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