White noise baby sleep monitor

Choose the playback time, activate the sensors and you'll be able to sleep peacefully all night long. The app is automatically activated when it detects the baby crying. Can't get any sleep at night? Does your baby wake up at night crying? You'll never have to get up to calm the baby again. Our app will do it for you. The application uses sound sensors that activate automatically when they detect the baby crying. It works in the background and activates by itself even when you are using other applications or when the mobile is switched off. There are no spaces, only continuous and relaxing sound to help your baby sleep. Thousands of children in the world now sleep with white noise, is scientifically tested and it works. New parents often notice their babies sleep when monotonous noises are going on - like the hairdryer or the washing machine or tumble dryer. These appliances basically make white noise which babies tend to find comforting because it makes them feel like they are in the womb. Your baby has to get used to a whole new environment, one which is very different to the womb. Sleeping can be tricky for a tiny baby - used to gentle motion in the womb and the comfort of steady sounds of mum's heartbeat, the outside world just doesn't seem right and since they have no other way to communicate, babies cry. It can often help to try and recreate some of the sensations of the womb for your baby - gentle rocking can drift them off to sleep, being swaddled is also a good way of making them feel like they are still safely in the womb, and then of course, creating some white noise can really help calm and soothe your baby, like a car ride noise in your car. white noises are the most effective thing to sleep your babyIt's well known that the sound of the womb has a dramatic calming effect on restless babies, laying our womb sounds can help recreate the special feeling of safety that your baby felt in the womb. In the silence and calm of the night the newborns feels fear and start to cry calling for help, the womb is a very loud place and in the first stages of his life newborns need some noise to sleep all night. Our app with white noise recreates most common noises that can help your baby to sleep. Mother's womb sounds Heart beat Hair dryer Rain TV Noise Shower Fan Vacuum cleaner Purring cat Sea Train rattle Plane Car ride Clothes Dryer.
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