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Simple and powerful tips for positive parenting. Articles, questions & answers from Moms like you. Fulfil your children's potential, and save your time by significantly reducing power struggles. This revolutionary app is designed to tackle most parenting challenges effectively and to create a more enjoyable and less stressful family life. Do you experience typical parenting challenges such as: lack of cooperation, whining, tantrums, defiance and back talk, sibling rivalry, mealtime, bedtime, morning or school issues? This app will give you tips to solve all these issues and more by: Trouble-shooting daily challenges as they occur: over 500 tips and ideas to effectively deal with typical parenting issues now and in the future. Fulfilling your children's potential: by giving you nformation and guidance on your children's needs, combined with weekly tips and inspirational quotes, to give you a solid foundation for raising confident, self-disciplined and happy children. Key features: Solutions to over 100 common parenting challenges. Weekly tips and inspiring quotes for parents. Useful insights into why parenting challenges occur and how to deal with them when they do. Step by step tools to solving common problems. How-to guide for developing your own strengths as a parent. How-to guide for developing your children's strengths. Highlighted links for exploring each tool at greater length. Handy links to Best of Parenting website offering further suggestions and articles.
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