Animated Lullaby Pro

This is the PRO VERSION. NO ADS. Babies and kids love soothing lullaby music. And they love more them with the visualisation that attracts their attention. Try this app and you will see that your baby will love this lullaby animations (falling stars, blinking moons cars, hearts etc) You can also select classic monotonous sounds (hair drier, nature, rain etc) for colic babies proven to be effective by generations of parents. Fade out for animations and music which slowly ends the play. You can customize your experience by selecting. items to animate, lullaby or white noise to play, 6 different theme/background images. size and number of the animated items. duration of the animation playChoose your best and let your baby to sleep with this animated lullabies. Please send us an email with any suggestion or any options that you want to see in this app. Thank you for your download.
Operating System Android