Nursery Rhymes Zone - KidsRhymes

Nursery Rhymes & Kids Learning App is designed for the little ones to make their learning process more interesting. At the early stages kids need strong foundation in their learning habits, for their bright future. Our aim is to provide good education along with fun and excitement. Bright colors, soothing music, moving characters and objects and quality information in our videos, help children to develop their learning capacity, creativity and imagination. Our animated videos provide basic information, like Rhymes, Alphabets, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Days, Months, Fruits and Vegetables and many more things. Along with YouTube rhymes and videos, this learning app contains Alphabets, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Days and Months in learn category along with examples that can be learned without the use of internet. Nursery Rhymes & Kids Learning App is an educational entertainer aiming kids to make them learn with fun. Enjoy learning.
Operating System Android