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In short, Wednesday's List is a powerful application designed to help comic book collectors view, manage, print, and save custom new and upcoming comic book release pull lists. To be more specific, Wednesday's List downloads the current week's shipping list (as well as those expected to ship the following week) from RAILhead Design's server, and once downloaded, it allows you to browse through all the available titles. You simply select the titles you're interested in and use Wednesday's List to print out your selections, save them as a text file, or export them to iCal and sync to your handheld. Basically, it's a comic book pull list creator and manager on steroids. Wednesday's List also sports a Favorites Manager that handles both Inclusion and Exclusion keywords. You use the Manager's Inclusion keyword list to specify titles you want to have the program select for you in the future -- and you can be as general or as accurate as you want to: from capturing anything that has "bat" in the title to only "Batman Gotham Knights." Conversely, you can use the Manager's Exclusions keyword list to specify titles you never want to have selected. For example, keeping the Inclusion keyword "bat" will select anything that has "bat" in its name. If you add "Batman Gotham Knights" to your Exclusions list and keep "bat" in your Inclusions list, that specific title will never get selected and all the other "bat"-containing titles will. The Favorites Manager's flexibility is limited only by how specific you want to be, and if you take full advantage of it, you'll never miss a new title or release again! Wednesday's List is also self-updating and internet savvy so you'll never have to worry about updating the data files each week. Just tell Wednesday's List to make sure your data is the most recent available at application launch, and it will do all the work for you. If you're a comic reader or collector, once you use this program, I'm pretty confident you'll be hooked. But don't take my word for it, download and try Wednesday's List -- the first application of its kind on any platform -- for yourself! Features include: Simple, clean, clear and intuitive interface. Internet savvy: gathers data form the internet for you so you don't have to. Displays comic title, Previews ordering number, and cover price (and sortable by any of the three). View data to be released the current week as well as the following week. Favorites capability to ensure you never accidentally miss a title. iCal integration -- export your selections to iCal as a new calendar entries then sync them to your PDA. Running tally of the number of selected items as well as total cover price viewable at all times. Comic title search/selection via keystroke. Save your selections as a plain text file for future use. Full print capability. Automatic selection of your favorite titles at application startup (optional). Built-in application and data file version checking. Archival support to keep out of date data files available for reference. Window size and position remembering (via preference option). Low cost.
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  • Mac OS X 10.1 or higher
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