TaradoGame (Portuguese)

The Tarado Game Pervert game in english , is a tool especially for lovers of the world games that like to collect games , consoles, controls and other related peripherals in an organized manner . In short , it is a program created for the stalker for games. Pervert Game is a program that can greatly help those who like to keep their collections organized games. Made with a simple interface that resembles most items registration programs, it has an intuitive organizational structure and yet is quite open for the user to develop their own practical methods to organize and store your objects. The program is downloaded in a compressed file in ZIP format, within which are two files. When you run Setup, the program is installed and automatically creates an icon on the desktop, through which you can access it. Information in place At the time of registering your items, just go behind the information the program asks. They are simple things such as title, platform that consists of and where you will store them. This part depends much more user than the program itself, it will only register a location that you designate. At that time, be creative: Set a specific cabinet, a shelf, boxes, folders, what better serve to store your stuff. The user code is also that you define. Think of something that intuitively look forward to the game or the specific item and record the program. To help, is also cool print labels with codes to identify the objects and locations they are stored. Possibilities to explore There are still some features that are not available in Tarado game, but the developers said they will soon be working, as the option to print the list created and import a list from other means. That is, if you already have a record of your games and other objects, will soon be possible to bring it to the Tarado Game. Featuring an organized method of registration, the Tarado game can help a lot to keep a collection of games always well stored and cataloged without fear of making you take half an hour to find what you need.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 1.41 MB
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements .NET Framework 4.0