TMP Thies Media Project

Manage your films saved on harddisk: add your films/movies each stored in a folder on multible hard-disks and or folders; IMDB-Loader Internet Movie Database ( tool to get additional data for your films; IMDB-Storyloader--show story for selected film from IMDB; File-Properties loads size(width,height), duration from moviefile and store it; Play movie, opens the standard player for fileformat installed on your system, if your film is stored in a image file(img, iso) TMP mount it with Daemon-Tools; Open directory/folder--opens the directory where film is stored in; Edit all information TMP stored; Export to Excel--export your movieinfo to an MS--Excelfile(MS Excel must be installed); XML--save all information in a XML-File stored in moviefolder; stream with VLC. Manage your MP3s: Add all your MP3s to Datase; Search and filter your Mp3s; Edit Artist,Title, Album,Year,Genre,TitleNo in a list; Play your MP3s in internal player; Open directory where your MP3 is saved in; ID3TagV2 Support; Propertychanger--change for example artist for 20 Mp3s; Special Propertychanger--Propertychanger with a lot of textworking options and preview; Tag Helper--reads information from filename and let you write in MP3; Create, load, play and save .m3u-playlists; compare your MP3's for duplicates. Manage your TV-Series: Loads your series stored on Harddisk in Database for filter and search; Propertychanger; Specialpropertychanger; Numerate Cells; Export to Excel. Webinterface: Manage series; Manage films; Play on host; Open directory on host; Stream with vlc.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 3.51 MB
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0