Palmistry involves the practice of telling fortunes and interpreting character from the lines and configurations on the palm of a person's hand. It is said that the left hand is the hand we are born with and the right hand is the hand we make. Some of the important features of our hands that can help understand our personality are: shape of hand, shape of fingers, shape of nails, life line, head line, heart line, fate line, fame line, marriage line, health line, travel line and Girdle of Venus. The location and shape of these lines reveals a lot more about our personality than we would ever have dreamt of. Let's see the significance of the different features of our hand. The shape of hand and fingers relate to the hereditary influence of character and disposition. Certain types of hands are suited for one work more than any other. The finger shapes give a deep understanding with respect to your talents and qualities. The fingernails tell you more about your general disposition and other hereditary traits. The Life Line represents the vigor and length of your life. It tells you about illness and death and other important features that may affect your life. The Head Line indicates mainly the mentality of a person. It relates intellectual strength or weakness to talent and direction of talent itself. The Heart Line indicates love, or the attraction of the sexes from natural causes. It shows your humane and loving nature. The Line of Fate or Destiny is the center upright line on the palm of the hand. It relates to all worldly affairs, to your success or failure, to the people who influence you and to the ultimate result of your career. It is prominently marked on conic and psychic hands, as they are firm believers in fate. The Fame Line is also called the line of Apollo, the line of brilliancy or the line of success. It is heavily marked on conic, spatulate and philosophic hands. Light lines will indicate romances and strong ones marriages.
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